Caring Transitions of Charlotte East is your go-to provider for any Life Transition Requirements an Aging Relative may have in Hickory Grove, NC, or the Surrounding Areas with Compassion and Accuracy with the support from our Estate Sale Planners

Let our estate sale planners from Caring Transitions of Charlotte East provide your senior loved one with customized support when looking to relocate to a new home, setting up an online auction or estate sale, or needing guidance when looking to downsize their current residence in Hickory Grove, NC, or the surrounding areas


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Welcome to Caring Transitions of Charlotte East, your trusted partner in navigating life's significant transitions. Whether you're contemplating a relocation to a new residence, downsizing your current home, organizing estate sales, or seeking home clean-out services in Hickory Grove, NC, or the surrounding areas, our expert estate sale planners are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your unique needs—all under one roof.

Our senior residents and their families have found our services to be resourceful and impactful during such significant life transitions in the following areas of North Carolina:


  • Charlotte

  • Noda

  • Plaza Midwood

  • Commonwealth Park    

  • Windsor Park

  • Sheffield Park

  • Newell    

  • Idlewild Farms    

  • East Forest

  • North Sharon Amity

  • Plaza Shamrock

  • Hickory Grove

  • Bradfield Farms

  • Oak Forest

  • Shannon Park

  • Hidden Valley


Senior Relocation Services:

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially for seniors or those undergoing monumental life changes. At Caring Transitions of Charlotte East, we understand the challenges associated with relocating a senior loved one. Our relocation services are designed to ease the transition, offering personalized assistance from packing and organizing to coordinating all the logistics associated with transitioning to a new residence. Our team ensures a smooth and stress-free move, providing industry-leading support every step of the way.

Downsizing Assistance:

Downsizing is often a necessary step when transitioning to a smaller living space. Our downsizing experts collaborate closely with clients to create a customized plan that optimizes space while preserving cherished possessions. Recognizing the emotional aspect of downsizing, we approach the process with empathy, making it easier for individuals to let go of items while maintaining a sense of control.

Estate Sale Planners:

Caring Transitions of Charlotte East takes pride in its experienced estate sale planners who turn the daunting task of liquidating assets into a seamless and profitable process. Our planners are skilled in appraising items, strategically pricing them, and creating engaging sales events. Whether you're handling the estate of a loved one or downsizing your own belongings, our estate sale planners ensure that your items find new homes while maximizing their value.

Home Clean-Out Services:

Clearing out a home can be physically and emotionally challenging. Our home clean-out services efficiently and respectfully handle the removal of unwanted items, from furniture to general clutter. Our team ensures that the home is left clean and ready for its next chapter.

How We Tailor our Approach:

Operating with a client-focused approach, Caring Transitions tailors our services to individual needs. Our estate sale planners collaborate closely with clients, understanding their unique circumstances and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that every aspect of our services aligns with your goals, promoting a smooth and positive experience for your upcoming project.

Contact Our Estate Sale Planners from Caring Transitions of Charlotte East Today:

Life transitions can be challenging, and our mission is to make these moments more manageable and less stressful for your senior loved one. You can contact our team today by calling our office at 704-759-6927 or by filling out our online contact form. From this initial meeting, our estate sale planners will set up a complimentary consultation to determine the most efficient route for your relocation, downsizing, estate sale, or home clean-out project in Hickory Grove, NC, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to supporting you during this life-changing transition.


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